Najat AlKandari is the founder and head designer of nj symphony brand. She is a passionate person that is deeply creative and has joined her love of design and shoes by creating nj symphony. She has actively worked on developing her passion by learning the crafts of the trade and enrolling in the prestigious Arsutoria School in Milan, Italy.

Her mantra is “Don’t think twice, you love it? Then own it ” , her love of shoes had her create a 4X4 room full of them, and her passion has her remembering when, why and where she bought each pair.
In 2017, she learned the professional design elements that are required to make a beautifully handcrafted pair of shoes. Najat used the knowledge she gained after this extensive program to officially create her unique signature footwear designs that aim to support strong and independent women by giving them the confidence to walk into their most important occasions, “Don’t look back, All eyes on you” As quoted by her.

The story behind her collections is that she appreciates people who inspire her which reflect in her design

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